Dog Nutrition – Feeding Raw


  Let me begin this post by stating that I am not a vet nor am I a dog nutritionist. I am however, a dog lover and a food lover and have a fairly broad spectrum of knowledge across both of these subjects. In the past few decades, healthy eating seems to have had a […]

5 Useful Obedience Commands for Dogs

dog studying

Those of us who own dogs, aren’t ashamed of showing the world how beautiful and cuddly they are and how much we love them. The things we are less enamoured with, however, don’t come out quite so easily. Being dragged down the street, having your carpet peed on again or your bin tipped over and […]

Top Tips for a New Puppy


With Christmas just a few steps behind us there are sure to be many new fluffy four-legged family members that have joined homes all over the UK. Putting aside the separate issue of giving puppies as gifts and especially around Christmas, this blog entry is about what to do now that you have the little […]

Why does my dog chase his tail?


For some people, watching their dog spinning around as he’s trying to catch his tail is an amusing rarity, for others it can be a really worrying habit that happens several if not many times a day. The latter can be a very stressful situation for the owner, as well as the dog, who seems […]

Why does my dog pee/poop when left alone!?


It can be really distressing to come home after leaving your dog alone only to find that she has peed or pooped (or both!) on your lovely rug, sofa or floor. Naturally, your first instinct is to be upset with her as surely she has done this just to spite you, right??? Wrong!! Dogs, in […]

Dog Aggression


Dog aggression is always a hot topic of discussion amongst both the experts as well as the common dog owner. It’s very difficult to come by any actual, reliable scientific information on the topic. Most of the information and knowledge available is derived from statistics taken over a period of time from various professional and […]